D+FORM is an architecture and design studio founded in 2000 by principal James Harkrider and is driven by a commitment to design excellence as a means of creating memorable structures and spaces. We strive to develop projects with a unique design sensitivity, resourcefulness and responsibility to our client's objectives. The collective experience of our team members contributes to our understanding of the multi-faceted requirements of every design program and we apply this experience and passion to each of the studio's projects.

Design is a collaborative process and our work is driven by the specific interests and concerns of our clients as well as the uniqueness of each design challenge with which we are presented. We believe that each project is the sum of it's context, program and purpose all of which form the foundation to our approach to the design discipline. This exploration is vital to the process of creating thoughtful design solutions that are a product of active collaboration in which our goals and those of our clients merge to create a design program that successfully addresses the specific challenges of each project in which we are involved. This philosophy has allowed us to create long term strategic relationships with our clients across the multi-family/mixed-use, commercial and residential sectors.   

D+FORM maintains studios in both New York City and Marfa Texas and our work has been featured in national design publications, lecture series and exhibitions.